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  1. 1. Wire and Cable

    Industries > Wire & Cable Industry

    …Distribution of Green Energy Telecommunications Specialty applications Building & Construction Personal electronics & appliances Transportation



    …plastics industry within the DACH region. Fix a personal Meeting Date already now at our booth (Hall 3, booth 3207), book your free voucher (Ticket-Code 5ZHH1-1GXBL), or simply join us for a visit and learn more about our interesting, comprehensive Polymer portfolio. We are looking forward seeing…

  3. 3. DSM Engineering Plastics expands EMEA distribution through strengthened strategic partnership with Resinex

    News > 2015 > DSM Engineering Plastics expands EMEA distribution through strengthened strategic partnership with Resinex

    …markets such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, feed, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical and electronics, life protection, alternative energy and bio-based materials. DSM and its associated companies deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion with approximately…

  4. 4. I'm green

    Products > I'm green

    …such as food and beverage, cleaning and personal care products, as well as toys, trash containers and plastic bags. General info By using Green Polyethylene, Resinex’s customers can offer unique products made from renewable resources that make a significant contribution to reducing the…

  5. 5. Biomaster

    Products > Biomaster

    …coffee cups, food storage containers and also personal care and beauty products. General info Biomaster is effective against most types of harmful bacteria. In typical tests, polymers treated with Biomaster reduced the microbial load by over 99% achieving ISO 22196:2011. Unique formulations can…

  6. 6. Selenis

    Products > Selenis

    …the Venuz EB 700 is the choice to create your personalized and unique part. Selenis Venuz EB benefits: Design flexibility Exceptional transparency Superb colourability Good mechanical properties Selenis Venuz EB typical applications: Mascara bottles Lipstick containers Eyeliner cases MAVEN MS…

  7. 7. Scentmaster

    Products > Scentmaster

    …to your products and create brand loyalty with personalized fragrances. Why Scentmaster is different The flavors and fragrances are distinctively manufactured to create high concentration. There are wide selections of available scents to select such as chocolate, apple, cherry, oranges and more.…

Results found: 7 1